Meet The Maker

My name is Will Berman, and I am the founder and maker -- and everything in between -- behind Unwashed Denim. All of my products continue to be handmade from start to finish by me in my workshop, which currently doubles as my bedroom.

I started Unwashed Denim a few years ago when I was 15. What began as a passion for raw denim developed into a small business predicated on craftsmanship. I started with no knowledge of sewing or construction; my first designs were made out of colored construction paper and staples, but I soon realized this wasn’t going to cut it. I went and bought a sewing machine with some money I had saved up and taught myself to sew -- experimenting, prototyping, and failing miserably along the way. Over time, I gained skills and became more comfortable executing my ideas. Soon leatherwork came into the mix (specifically with natural vegetable tanned leather) because it is the only other material that ages and gets better with use, just like raw denim.


Throughout the process of starting my own brand I have learned a lot, but most importantly, my opinion of what goes into the making of a good product has become a lot clearer. I totally support the emerging “Made In America” and “maker” movements, which, in addition to bringing jobs back to the United States, are inspiring consumers to become more knowledgeable about what they buy. I handcraft all my products because I believe there is something really special about knowing where your product is made, how it is made, and maybe even the name of the person who made it. Each piece I make has slight differences that can only be achieved with handmade detail and human error. I believe this is what makes each piece I ship out special.

Raw. Untreated. Unbleached. Natural. Crisp…Dirty. Stained. Beaten. Shaped. Softened. Aged: Unwashed.