About Raw Denim

Unwashed Denim, based in New York City, specializes in raw, selvedge denim goods.  Raw denim is unwashed, untreated denim; it is how jeans used to be before they were mass-produced. Selvedge refers to the colored thread, usually red, surrounded by two white threads at the edge of the fabric. Selvedge is created when the warp threads are weaved over and back under the weft threads, creating a "self edge." Selvedge denim is considered the highest quality fabric because it can only be done on old-fashioned looms. Thus, it is far more time-consuming and less cost-effective than mass produced denim. Raw denim starts out very dark and stiff, because after the weaving process it is untouched until it gets to the consumer. Over time, raw denim softens up, ages, and fades. With constant wear and stress indigo falls off of the warp threads and the denim develops creases and character, your character. 

Most raw denim lovers call it the "living fabric" because it changes with you and molds to your lifestyle over time. This all means that our products only get better with age. We believe raw denim is a very personal fabric. Every tear, stain, fade, or crease tells your story. 

Our goal is to bring raw denim to products other than just jeans. We use hand-picked, high quality Japanese denim for all our products. At Unwashed Denim we obsess over all things denim, including weight, wash, slub, indigo, sanforization, and selvedge. That is why we source the highest quality denim to bring the highest quality product to the consumer. We believe a good product should look better after a year of constant use than it did right out of the box.

We can only do half the job, though. The rest is up to you.